Friday, October 28, 2011

10 Sips for the Weekend

October is almost gone and I can't believe that this blog went beyond its first posts. For once I was able to journal my life for more than a few days! Hope that when my boys grow up they can read the posts and understand why mommy was not always fully present at the Lego tower construction. It was really because she was taking pictures and notes to report such a special moment like constructing a Lego tower. I am sure that they will understand...

This picture would surely be on my parent's blog, if they had one, or a computer, or Internet, or a cell phone, or an IPad or a digital camera or a scanner or a Facebook account or a Twitter account, or MP3  or "What did they do with all their free time?"...

I decided to do something with all the interesting Internet sips I take during the week. I will try to share every Friday, 10 of those sips with you, to make for a sweeter weekend. Hope you enjoy!
1. Computer V neck, anyone?
2. Thinking about private Ukelele classes for Luke as he had a few group ones and loved. Is it worthy the money? Will he be playing like this boy in a few years?
3. Which comes to the next question: Does playing Ukelele makes your child a hipster?
4. Feeling overwhelmed by all your social media life?
5. There was a time when writers did not have blogs... Just other hobbies.
6. If you can make it here
7. Hanging clothes with style
8. Drying boots with style
9. Can skirts became even more feminine? Apparently so.
10. Every girl loves flowers

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