Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mommy Photo Shoot: when the lens turn

I love taking pictures of my kids and I know that when editing them I am tempted to keep almost all of the ones that are not blurred. When I have my picture taken, I feel like deleting all of them! There is a self consciousness that gets in the way of just enjoying being who I am. I don't care if my kids' hair were messy in the picture, or if their clothes were not matching. But when the lens turn, it is another story.

My grandmother would turn her face every time someone was clicking a camera. She believed her face looked better from the side, so she kept an Egyptian posture. We, the grandchildren, used to make fun of her for that,  now I feel that I am becoming my grandmother. Adopting error proof postures, learned after years of trial and error enhancing this and hiding that. Maybe that is part of what is called maturing.

So we did a photo shoot. A friend of ours is starting a design T-shirt business (Miteeheart) and suggested we take pictures wearing the T-shirts he kindly gave us so he can have some more ad material. I would not call my pictures ad material, but to enhance the visual we headed to this secret little spot with amazing views of the George Washington bridge. Ross Dock Picnic Park in Fort Lee, NJ is one of the only pieces of land courageous enough to stick its neck out in the river. The location makes you feel like being in a natural pier, with the river surrounding it and a wall of rocks keeping the rest of the world away.

Luke loved the playground they have in the place. Mark could not care less for the view, as he just kept napping in the car. On the way back, we were reminded that contrary to the photo shoots, we were not the stars anymore, with our kids making as much noise as rock stars in the back seat, plus the traffic, we were brought back to reality. No modeling agents to complain to.

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