Thursday, January 19, 2012

Women that sip dreams: You!

I am starting a new series on Sip Mom to introduce you to other women that are also sipping. Most are sipping dreams. Dreams of helping other people, dreams of publishing a book, dreams of taking off on their own after leaving a day job. Dreams of being great moms, starting a business, creating art. There are so many out there. Women that sip dreams, and more important, not just sip, but assimilate their taste, slowly digest, and work hard to extract energy from them. To keep going, to see them becoming real, to make space for more dreams. 

And as we get to know them, we learn from them, discover what keeps them sipping, how they sip, and how they can help you to sip your dreams too. So, lets raise our cups to all women that sip and lets cheer to their success! 

If you are also sipping dreams and are interested in being feature in the "Women that sip dreams" series, please send me an email to 

Happy sipping!

1 comment:

  1. Luiza was sipping her dream studying in Canada and then her dream went upside down. Luiza Rabello, a 17 year old Brazilian exchange student, was living in Canada and became a celebrity after her father Gerardo Rabello mentioned her during an infomercial. On TV, in her father's testimonial for advertising new apartments, Mr. Rabello said he “brought his whole family, except Luiza who is living in Canada” to live in the new apartment. That was enough to change Luiza's life and she even decided to come back to Brazil, where she is already being invited for a number of jobs. Do a search for “Luiza Está no Canadá” and you’ll find a lot about this new Brazilian online celebrity.


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