Friday, February 10, 2012

10 Sips for the Weekend: 10 ways to Dip it!

In fashion, in design and in the kitchen, it seems that the trend is to dip. No double dips, please! Just once.

I had some experience in dipping when trying to make cake pops for Luke's birthday party, and let me tell you, dipping requires some practice! Otherwise the dip drops, and double drops!

But there is so much beauty in the right dip. How the liquid touches the solid and becomes one. How it surrounds it, embraces it and brings beauty to the final product.

Hope you enjoy these 10 dipping ideas!!

Chocolate makes for the best dip!

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 How pretty are these mugs!

Color Dipped Mug
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Would you dip your hair?

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The ultimate dip: gold

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The peaceful dip: white

Paint Dipped Pinecones Paint Dipped Pinecones
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Have you ever heard of chocolate dipped wine? Just to prove that anything can be dipped!

Wine Gift Crates: Chocolate-Dipped Wine
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Want some more saliva inside your mouth?

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With these doing the dishes will never be the same!

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Sweet Paul Magazine had an entire article about dipping

dip diy shoes, dip legs, dip diy, painting diy
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My kids love to dip strawberries in chocolate

Have you done any fun dipping projects lately?

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