10 Sips for the Weekend: How to Automate more than 10 Tasks with a Chores Chart

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I am getting to the conclusion that a competent mother is not the one that works from sunrise to sunset without a break. The competent mother is the one that looks at every task she does and asks: How can I do this more efficient and in less time?

If you stop and look at the task with different eyes (that is what a competent mom would do) or if you google the problem for a solution (that is what I do!!) you may find that the solution is in fact very simple and cheap and it will make a huge difference in saving you time.

So I decided to pretend to be a competent mom and to find a way to automate Luke's morning and evening routines here at home. Well, by "to automate", I really mean to find a way to transfer them from being my tasks to being his tasks! And I can even feel good about implementing this system as I am teaching him how to be responsible around the house, a win win situation! (until he learns how to google - how to make my mom work for me!)

I had a few old magnetic advertisement squares on my kitchen, so I took adhesive labels and placed them on top of the advertisement side of the magnetic. Then I wrote the tasks on the labels and cut them into strips. It took me five minutes but it saves me lots of time in the morning and in the evening.

So now in the morning Luke goes to his list of tasks and as he reads them and completes them, he moves the magnet strips to the Done column. This way he knows the sequence of the tasks he has to do and how many more he has to go.

One of his tasks is to get dressed in the morning, so I took a wicker box that I had and made dividers out of card stock with the days of the week written on top of each divider. All he has to do is to ask me what day of the week it is and then he can go and pull the clothes already placed in the divider by me for that day. It also saves me time as when I fold the laundry I can place his clothes directly inside the basket instead of inside the closet. I am starting to consider automating the dressing routine for me too! Imagine to spend time only once a week deciding your outfits? You can check the temperature for the entire week online and then chose your pieces accordingly.

What about you? What have you automated in your house to make your routine easier?

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