What pictures to delight in

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wondering around recommended lists of books to order from the Library to bright up our couch story times,  I get stuck into one of the great educator Charlotte Mason's quote "that education is concerned to teach him what pictures to delight in."

While the statement is part of a wider education philosophy, I can't stop thinking about making it mine and applying it into my own angle of life. What pictures to delight in! Isn't that what is missing in society today? The pictures got all mixed up and from a pile of choices we don't know which one to grab. Much less teach our kids how a picture to delight in should look like.

And the world gets darker, our music gets darker, our books get darker, our movies get darker, our habits get darker, our teenagers move deeper into the dark and in the midst of it all we don't even notice anymore the absence of light. The darker the tunnel, the harder to face the sun outside. Why not just make it our home, forget that the sun even exists in the sky?

But no Sun, no life. No Sun, no sustenance. No Sun, no warmth. Isn't delight rooted in light? How to find it outside of its root? No root, no fruit. I want fruits. So I aim to learn alongside my boys what pictures to delight in. We start with the author of light. Who else to show the way?

And there, deep in our couch story time, we let His light transform our eyes. That we may truly see what pictures to delight in look like.

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