What it takes to succeed

Saturday, September 1, 2012

In an empty world, sound does not matter, no ears to hear annules musical beauty, because if the waves of different heights and widths only hit the rock, how could they be measured by how much they soften hearts?

In an empty world, beauty does not matter, no eyebrows to raise, colors to gather light and run after retinas, art hanging on walls that don't move souls. How to appreciate what cannot be seen?

In an empty world, taste does not matter, no explosion of sweet, sour, spicy and bitter, lips far from opening, loneliness of ingredients sorrowing the lack of licking fingers. How to have fond memories of tastes never touched?

In an overcrowded world, I won't matter when I don't soften hearts and create found memories in other cores. It does not matter how much sound I can make, how much beauty I can fake or how much taste I can recreate. If such creations aimed my sole self, in an overcrowded world I am empty.

As empty as in an empty world. Because to succeed in life means to thrive, prosper and grow. But it won't matter if it happens in an empty world. If the sound waves, the light beams and the taste forces go untouched by others, if success only brings me forward, to an empty world, leaving the overcrowded one behind, is it to succeed?

How to succeed and yet not towards emptiness but towards fullness? How to achieve the kind of success that matters because of how much it touches and not by how much it withholds?

To succeed also means to follow or replace another, to come after and take the place of, to keep touching lives as much as the one before. Christ achieved the highest success in the history of the world because being the fullest He chose emptiness so that being empty we can choose fullness. To succeed means to follow. Why not follow the most successful one?

And yet contrary to following dead ones after they finish their legacy, to follow Christ means to follow the alive one. And yet contrary to following the talents, philosophies or work of the important one, to follow Christ means to let Him work through me His talents, His philosophies and His work.

It only happens when I let go of my talents, my philosophies and my work ready to be filled by His. It only happens when I stop focusing on talents, philosophies and work and focus solely on Him.

It only happens when my highest desire in life is to be so close to Him that I start hearing His music, seeing His beauty and tasting His love and grace. From being an empty world to Him, I become an overcrowded one where everything He says matters, everything He is matters and everything He does matters.

And one day without realizing, my success in life will have shifted from living for my empty individual world, to letting Him use me for an overcrowded one.

That is what it takes to succeed.

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