Remember Me

Sunday, December 16, 2012

As my eyes cross the little smiles, captured for the last time on a frame, immortal smiles, never to be touched again by aging or creases, my heart melts. Everyone of them gone in a flash and the one thing I am sure they would have asked now, if they could is: please, remember me. Please, don't let time fade it all away, trick your brain into softening up emotions, covering up scars, please, always remember me.

Don't turn me into a number on a chart or into a statistic on a file, please, just please remember me. For all the joy that I once brought to your smile, for all the freshness of life packed into such a small being, for who I was and how I touched your heart, please, remember me.

And as the little symbolic voices in my head all sing together, "Please, remember me", and not just the 20 little voices shut down on a cold morning, but all the ones all over the world, shut down by diseases, disasters and poverty, as they sing, I recall having heard that petition from someone else in the past.

He also asked, please remember me. Take this bread, break as my body was broken, pour the wine as my blood was poured, do this in my memory, please, remember me.

Because our minds become cloudy, we forget. We forget that God gave his Son who died to pay the judgment that belonged to us.  We did not notice God pouring all His judgement upon Jesus while all His love was being poured upon us. We forget that his voice was also shut down, the voice that could open eyes, calm the seas and raise the dead, was shut down by tragedy, a tragedy caused by us.  The voice that created the World.

We forget, but He does not. How could Jesus ever forget? His memory is not subject to forgetfulness, nor the passage of time has any impact inside eternity. He remembers today as well as He remembered 2000 years ago. And He will remember for all eternity.

In all this tragedy, He is still saying, please, remember me. Remember that I went through tragedy for you, I conquered death for you, I left the tomb empty for you. For you! Because of my tragedy, death is not the end anymore. This is not the end of the story! And every little voice shut down on this earth can sing again because He lives.

Remember me.

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