Mars is not home

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The room features a round ceiling, disappearing on all corners. My neck stretches out, eyes wide open, awaiting for the spectacle to start. Our family's visit to the planetarium is a first, and the boys can't decide between feeling excitement or fear of what is about to come. As the lights go off, the darkness is broken with grace by a multitude of stars, shining their smiles, as the expedition through the universe is about to begin. 

Not a real sky, but still an amazing way to step back, look at the universe from the outside of Earth. Travel along planets, learn about their uniqueness, and marvel at such a beautiful miracle. Yes, there, nestled among many other grayish, reddish and opaque dangerous environments to life, Earth thrives. A miracle! An anomaly to such a perilous universe.

My soul bows as I watch Earth from a distance, my breath is taken away to imagine that someone cared enough to transform chaos into home. Explosions of green, blue and brown testifies to darkness that this planet is special. It has a purpose, for you, for me. It was made for us.

A blank canvas filled with astonishing details, microscopic beauty, all serving the only purpose of keeping you and I alive and amazed. Amazed by the glory of a Creator that from day one catered oceans and mountains and rivers and flowers for you and for me!

Why? Why is the only question that floods my thoughts. Why did He care? Why did He care enough to bless nothings with life, and then again, bless broken lives with new life? Why did He care enough to treat ungrateful creatures with even more love and a new creation?

The first couple doubted that God had blessed them enough. If they could step back as I do, inside a planetarium and look around at the empty and void available planet alternatives, would they believe? Do you believe?

Mars. There is so much excitement to conquer a place where the canvas is still blank, where love has not been poured. And man, wishing to be God, plays God, trying to create life from emptiness, and beauty from dust, and yet far from being good, very good.

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