When Siblings Fight

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Every day they love each other, they fight each other, they care for each other, they compete with each other, they explode in emotions good and bad, attracting and repelling. A journey in learning how to relate.

And I am the observer, the moderator, the last word if things get ugly. They are usually so focused with each other that it is as if I am transparent, or maybe just a distant voice in the background. And yet, as I watch, I am intrigued: How can you understand the dance of siblings? As they move closer and distant, in tears but craving for more, addicted to the highs and lows of sharing moments?

Relationships are complicated and the dynamic between siblings enigmatic. Much easier for me the outsider to prescribe treatments, figure out solutions to their conflicts, see the entire picture without the emotions. However, amidst their laughs and tears they see the world different, as in a blur, unaware of strategies to extend their peak moments and prevent the downsides.

And then I am reminded of myself. How many times emotions blur my vision and I am there lost in my ups and downs, unaware of the big picture? And I look up and see God's eyes, following me, as I move from laughs to tears, watching me when I fail in improving relationships, or when words are used to hurt.

God was watching when the first siblings didn't flourish in their relationship, when anger and envy led to wrong decisions, when the beauty of being the first siblings on Earth was tinted by being the first crime on Earth.

He is still watching, God is still watching as we hurt each other, despise each other, neglect each other. The dance of siblings could be beautiful, harmonic, leading to choreography. Jesus took the first step and showed how to follow the music, bend your knees, to the lowest and dirtiest, and wash the feet, as many as needed. There, and right there is the place to start the relationship, with a humble heart and strong grip.

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