Behind the scenes: How to take beautiful pictures

Thursday, May 30, 2013

In a world filled with blogging professionals, Pinterest specialists and touched up photos, art born from such different venues amazes the spectator, but unfortunately also increases our own feelings of inappropriateness. It makes us feel as if we are the only person wearing pajamas standing in the middle of a formal dress up party, like the ugly duck in the pond.

Reality is already subjective, and the internet has the power to further transform reality into a shiny blur of real life. The one we wish we had, and maybe we do have, but not always that perfect or through those special lens. 

And yet, no artist hangs his pictures so that people may stare at the back of the frame, because even though we all know that every frame and that every piece of art has a back, we rather not see it. We don't want to see the "behind the scenes", the structure that actually holds the beauty on its arms. We seek beauty.

However, there is no beauty without the structure, no art without the messy brushes, no Pinterest project without the unpublished trial paths that led to the final product. And finally, no life story without the back of the frame. Where the nails were pierced, the canvas cloth teared, the fibers stretched to the bone. The structure that holds beauty.

I turn to the number one best seller book in the history of the world, where one can read about beauty but also about the back of the frame. The entire picture, the beauty we seek, and the "behind the scenes" we rather not think about. The story of a Savior that showed that the path to glory and beauty passes through the pierced nails, the teared skin and the stretched arms. 

"Behind the scenes" is what feeds beauty. Art is complete when all the "behind the scenes" moments have ran their course. The life that produces the most beauty is the one that accumulates more "behind the scenes". 

And when the nails are too sharp, the tears too deep and the bones about to break, I am reminded to imagine what lays on the other side of the canvas, about to be uncovered in Eternity. 

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