New year resolution: Making time for the things that really matter

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

 When the new year dawns its enthusiasm upon me, the excitement is contagious but sometimes dangerously short lived. Goals still ring true by the beginning of February except the fuel starts to run low and if not cultivated, the future starts to look a lot like the past, a sequence of fire extinguishing moments that seems to never step back.

A common stress factor that keeps me running around in circles are the many activities grouped inside the term "Household Chores". From the moment the alarm clock rings, or in my case, my boys surround my restful habitat for the night, one after the other the chores line up, or worst pile up, overflowing the next awake hours!

I keep wondering... what if any Fortune 500 company started running its business like my household, how many hours, or minutes, would it take to break? Because the sad reality is that most households have not advanced in efficiency and effectiveness as most of the corporate world has. 

A common thinking thread related to corporate management has to do with the question: "How can I work with efficiency (doing things well with the least amount of waste, expense and unnecessary effort) and effectiveness (producing the desired result)? 

Problem: It is 4:30 PM and I have no idea what to feed my family for dinner. 
Result: Pizza is ordered or chicken nuggets are defrosted or the drive through comes in handy again.

Now imagine if a hospital kitchen was run like that. Or a restaurant. Or a supermarket. Or a school cafeteria. Or anything out there!

So why the disparity? Why do some successful people in the corporate world apply all their management skills at work but as soon they cross the door to their living rooms, the survival mode kicks in? No planning, no efficiency and no effectiveness! How odd is that?

And I keep wondering... How can I produce the desired result with the least amount of waste, expense or unnecessary effort? ... so that I have time and energy for the things that really matter or that I want to pursue?  

During these next days, I would love to suggest, as you go through your activities at home, stop at every single action and think... Is there a better way to produce the desired results with the least amount of your energy, time and money?

I look forward to sharing with you during my next posts the small changes I have learned to implement management skills at home. What about you, any tips to share?

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