Words, are they ever too many?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Words, are they ever too many?

Sometimes I feel that by adding words to an already overwritten world, I am feeding the confusion. Over the Internet words multiply, repeat themselves into the infinite, change configurations and get reworded endlessly. Information becomes frustration, as one try to navigate a planet that is drowning in sentences.

Anyone with a mind can transform plain white into characters. The tweeting that once sounded like a bird now resembles a never ending ringing clock, adding unnecessary noise to golden silence. How will my kids access an entire world and still be able to listen to their own hearts pounding?

"Take everything away, but the Internet", future generations will chorus. Maybe we all got hooked to a fast stream of stories. All civilizations treasured stories, told over firelights before sleep, rocked to the sound of moving chairs. Until suddenly we have access to all the stories of an entire world. Hard to fit into a lifetime, let alone before bedtime.

Words tell stories, confirm that the world is not a stagnant ball, but a dynamic knot of happenings, alive. The sound of life is always attracting, enticing. But what if excessive life starts to kill your own? What if the knot of outside happenings stops your own story on its tracks?

Words, are they ever too many?

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