When raising well balanced children is not enough

Thursday, May 15, 2014

How do you raise a well balanced child? Would a mix of 20% culture, 20% sports, 40% academics, 10% entertainment and 10% religion do it? Or maybe a different percentage depending the aptitudes, the environment and the family background? Is that the equation for a well balanced child and therefore a well balanced adult?

So what does a well balanced adult life looks like? Maybe 70% work, 10% entertainment, 5% sports and health, 5% culture, 5% travel, 3% volunteer work and 2% religion? Is that what we would call a well balanced life?

But what if well balanced adults were actually called lukewarm by the very same person who created them? As if the car manufacturer tell us, after all these years, that we have been filling our tanks with the wrong gas all along. Filling our lives with the wrong percentages. That if we thought we were well balanced adults, we were just deceiving ourselves.

The creator recommends the right percentage: "Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you." Wait a minute, are we supposed to submit 100% of our lives to God? Like all our love, our thoughts, our life, our will, our future and our plans? What about all the other important things? Well, He promises they will be added unto us, look at the birds, look at the flowers, He says. But what do we get back if we give 100% of our lives to God? Well, we get God. Is He enough?

There is a promise to the ones ready to leave a well balanced life behind, lukewarm life behind, the ones that want to open their door to Jesus. The promise? "I will come in to him and eat with him and he with me" and "I will grant him to sit with me on my throne".

Is there a better place to be? Just imagine! Having a meal with the person that loves you more than anybody else in this world? Sitting with the creator of the entire universe on his throne! Is there a safer, more fulfilling, more loving place to be? With the one that loves you so much that He does not stop pursuing you, ever? That He accepted forever a human body, and let human hands hurt his flesh while letting God hurt his being with all punishment that you deserved, so that you could have the same fellowship with the Father as Jesus has? Can you imagine what would be like to be so close to Jesus that you are actually sitting next to Him? 

It is not about giving 100% of your life to a religion. It is not about giving 100% of your life to a church, organization, leader or cause. It is about loving God so much, with all your heart, soul and might that when you talk with Him you are not repeating words, or going through sentences, you are in the presence of the definition of love itself. And all that love just pours into your heart and there is no extra space for anything else. Because what else could be so important that should take any percentage away from fullness of love? And what else does it matter when you got the attention and the presence of the most beautiful being a person could ever find?

He does everything He can to drag your attention, because He knows that the ultimate gift you can ever have and the ultimate gift He can ever give, is always going to be Himself. He is the giver and He is the gift! 

Let the children come to Him! He is the eternal father, the only one who can raise children to become children of God! As a parent, my ultimate role is to guide my children to the giver, so that they can taste the gift and never again be thirsty for anything else besides Jesus. 

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