When losses keep overtaking the news

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The only way to grow up is to face loss. Loss of baby teeth, loss of baby smells, loss of toddler babbles, loss of toddler cute smiles, loss of childhood beliefs, loss of childhood hide and seeks.

Loss. As the clock tickles, losses abound. Lives, hopes, plans. The daily reminder that losses are happening, at the speed of light. Dead are all the cells that have been replaced. Gone are all the present moments that became only memories.

Mary. She knew about losses, life had been hard but now she had found the hope for all of her losses. Living water overflowing. But as she looks into the empty tomb, the emptiness inside her heart reaches a new level. Where had they placed him, her only hope? Emptiness, loss.

It hurts, deep inside. To stare at the emptiness of the loss, with nothing big enough to fill the void. How to go back to daily life, when every day, reminders will keep the pain awake? Mary's senses were overtaken by sorrow, she became blind to the one approaching, she became deaf to the one speaking.

It may take a while to realize that the same empty tomb is also the source of hope. Can you see the invisible? Can you picture a life beyond death? The presence of resurrection taking over the stage of death? Mary, move your eyes beyond the empty tomb! Mary, He is risen!!

There is hope in Jesus for every loss. The clock may not be feared anymore, the grain is going to die but there will be many fruits. The children are going to grow up, the clock will keep moving, losses will keep overtaking the news. Outside of resurrection, there is no hope. But He is risen! 

I lift up my eyes... my help comes from the Lord!

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