Free Printable Morning Routine for Kids

Friday, March 2, 2018

Can you raise your hand if you struggle to get your kids ready for school every morning in a smooth manner? It really feels like a race for me, probably not so much for my boys as they find enough time to lounge around the house, play with forgotten toys and chew each bite of breakfast a hundred times. 

There is always a lost book that needs to go back to the library, a favorite pencil that disappeared from the backpack or a messy hair that has not been brushed. 

I have used a few systems in the past and they seem to specially work for my youngest who loves to track his accomplishments. So I decided to create a new printable, that you can download free here, to motivate your kids to move from step one to step two without getting distracted.

You can even laminate a few strips so they can carry around as they work, or hang them on a wall where they can easily see.

Cheers to smoother mornings! Let the race begin!

Link to print here 

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