Teach Your Kids In Six Steps How To Do Their Own Laundry

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sometimes I underestimate my kids. Do you feel the same way? While everybody else around me sees them as capable children, deep in my heart they are still my babies. While it is very cute to be overly motherly, it is not helpful for their development. Someday, not that far ahead, they will leave my home and they better be prepared for real life. 

One of my New Year's resolutions was to help my kids thrive in areas they can be more independent. That is where "doing their own laundry" enters. If they can manage a computer, teach me how to do things on my phone, and put together complicated Lego sets, I am sure they can handle the laundry!

Here is what I learned while teaching them how to do their own laundry:

1. Make it exciting: Give each one a laundry basket with their name on it, so they feel that this is their personal belonging and therefore feel empowered about it. Tell them that every Saturday, or whatever day works for you, they will be doing their own laundry and get paid for it. My kids don't get an allowance, so this is an extra opportunity to make some money.

2. Start small: Walk them through the entire process at first, letting them do it at their own pace, and give advice as they go, remembering to praise for the good work done. I make it easier by mostly buying dark clothes for my boys, so they don't have to sort laundry. The few white socks don't get damaged washed in cold water.

3. Make it simple: By using laundry pods (I love this natural brand), hanging all their clothes instead of folding and learning how to place one sock inside the other, doing their own laundry becomes a simple task.

4. Add to it: Besides doing their own laundry of clothes, my boys also wash their towel and their bed sheets. This has allowed me to teach them how to make their own bed and change their own sheets.

5. Don't give up: Some weeks, they won't feel like doing the laundry, so remind them that there will be no clean clothes next week and that they won't get paid either. Put a time limit, so they know when they are supposed to be done with the activity.

6. Don't feel guilty: At first, I felt like I was taking advantage of my kids by assigning all this extra work, but I have seen the confidence in their faces after finishing up their jobs! It feels good to be competent!

One last thing, it does not have to be perfect:.Don't worry about fighting all the stains, or achieving perfectly folded results, the most important thing is raising independent and competent future adults, not achieving the perfect laundry load. It may not be done our way, but it will get done!

These wool dryer balls help fluff the clothes as they dry, reduces wrinkles and static

If even my seven years old can do it, I am sure most kids can!

What are your tips when teaching children how to do their own laundry?

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