This International Women's Day, Gift Yourself A Healthier You

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Let's just agree that every day should be celebrated as International Women's Day given the grand amount of work and love you pour into the lives of those around you. From sunrise to late nights, and even middle of the nights you are always on call for your family needs. But after a few years, day in and day out, your body just can't keep up anymore, and you may feel like being at the bottom of your energy tank.

It may sound counterintuitive that the best way to get more energy is to do more work, but that is how our amazing bodies are designed! By adding exercise to your schedule, your energy levels actually go higher, not lower.

I still remember the day I decided to run a lap around the block, after years of not working out. At first, excitement filled my lungs, but after a few steps down the road, I felt something different filling my lungs, pure burn and pain! My entire being begged me to stop, but I am glad I didn't. From there, I tried out different classes and slowly started to add exercise into my routine. I am sure you had your pain moments too, and it was worthy.

These are a few things I have learned since:

- Schedule it: I use a program called ClassPass that lets you choose from different exercising studios around your area. It is very easy to use their app and you can schedule a class as simple as pressing a button. The best thing about scheduling a class is that you have the pressure to go! The other great thing about Class Pass is that you can try different classes until you find what works best for you. There are also tons of programs to do from home, just make sure to schedule the time, so you feel it is an appointment, not an option.

- Mix it up: Try different things on different days with different people. If a routine is getting boring, change it up a bit, it is not supposed to feel like torture. A walk in the park on a beautiful day may be all you need sometimes.

- Make it cute: Go ahead and get a few cute workout outfits that motivate you to start exercising. You dress up to go on a date, so this is your time to dress up to meet your healthier self. I love this bottom to go on walks or runs because there are pockets for your phone or keys, fabric that lets your skin breath and a comfortable fit.

- Move to the beat: Music can do wonders to trick your brain into exercising. My favorite free app to use is RockMyRun that can also track your mileage, if you choose to. Music directly affects your brain, it increases your enjoyment allowing you to feel happier and exercise longer.

- Fuel your body before: After trying different combinations of foods, I have settled on my favorite Pre-Workout Snack that I eat about 30-45 minutes before a class. A spread of Creamy Tahini on Rice Cakes. Sometimes I may drizzle some honey on it. Just enough energy to fuel the body without weighing the stomach. I also take BCAA pills to help with muscle building and exercise recovery.

- Fuel your body after: Before I go to class I fill a mason jar with coconut milk or almond milk and then add a few supplements to the mix so it is a Post-Workout Drink ready to be consumed by the time I finish the class. I add to the milk a Protein Plant Powder (great nutrition on the go), Maca Powder (amino acids, energy, antioxidants, balance estrogen) and Collagen (healthy bones and joints). Later, I may eat a banana to fuel the body with carbs.

- It is not mainly about losing weight: Losing weight may happen with exercise, but exercise it is first of all about feeling healthy and happy. The extra energy you get from exercise will help you prepare healthier meals for your family and make better choices for your body, but remember that your true beauty will always lay within.

- It is also about your brain: Cardio exercise does wonders for your brain. It actually increases the number of new brain cells, increasing your memory, focus, concentration, creativity, mood and delaying aging and dementia. Extra brain power is your friend any day!

Happy Women's Day! Let you be spoiled, cherished, loved and celebrated for all you do and for who you are!

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