What is Community Supported Agriculture and How to Find and Join a CSA?

Friday, March 30, 2018

Imagine you had someone growing healthy, fresh and delicious food for your family every year, making sure to harvest just the day before or on the same day the produce arrives in your kitchen. That would be a dream!

Imagine you could also help local farmers by supporting their business, besides knowing who and how the food you eat is being produced. That is why I love Community Supported Agriculture!

It is fun to grow a few things in the backyard, but my garden needs a little outside help, so if you are looking for great produce during the Summer months, now it is the time that the farmers are in the lookout for customers to sign up for their Community Supported Agriculture or CSA program.

CSAs are basically a produce subscription that you pre-pay so the farmer can use your investment and commitment to grow food for you. Some farms offer every week deliver or every other week, with different days to pick up your box.

Every State has farms that work on this basis, and to find one in your area, all you have to do is to check the Local Harvest Website. 

Or you can add your Zip Code Below:
Zip Code or City:

The USDA website lists CSAs in case you want to search further.

Some Farms also allow you to subscribe to a box of chicken, beef, and pork delivered throughout the year. It is cheaper than to buy them every week in the Farmers Market, as you get the bulk discount.

My favorite part of the CSA subscription is to get to know the farmers as real people and read their updates and newsletters about the work they are doing. It makes me feel much more appreciative of the food I eat and care more about its value. 

The other benefit is that it forces me to try new things that I would not have picked myself, and it is fun to find new recipes and ways to eat a healthier diet.

My boys are always excited to see the box after we pick it up and to search for fresh strawberries, peppers, and tomatoes that make the best snacks ever!

What is your take on CSAs and how have you experienced them?

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