10 Gift Ideas for Your Child Who Feels Loved When Receiving Gifts

Thursday, April 19, 2018

I still remember reading the book 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman after getting married and being amazed by such simple and yet practical concept to show love to your spouse. Have you read it? Were you surprised by your findings? You can take the test here to find out what is your love language.

The book basically describes five different ways in which people perceive love or show their love to others around them. To my surprise, people are wired differently even when it comes to showing and receiving love and it is so important to understand how to pour the right love language to those we care about.

Among the five love language, there is one called Gifts, meaning people who feel loved when receiving a thoughtful gift. More than words, time spent together, physical touch or works done for them, people who feel loved through Gifts, need that physical tangible object in their hands that they can come back to it over and over again and remember how much they are loved.

The Love Language Gifts is not among my top category, neither is my husband's so, for most anniversaries, birthdays or Christmas, we usually skip the gift part or downplay it and focus more on spending quality time together doing something meaningful.

However, now that we have kids, we are practicing on gift giving again because, for one of our boys, Gifts is one of his top Love Languages. 

Do you have a child who feels loved when receiving Gifts?

For my son's seventh birthday, he got a digital watch from my mom as a gift and he has worn this watch every day and night for the past year. He also loves the expectation of receiving a gift, the time waiting for it and the surprise effect of unwrapping the paper in a slow motion. It is not a surprise then, that he loves to have all his friends for Birthday Parties and relishes on the gifts everyone brings.

His favorite watch day in and out
So, how do you show love to your child who treasures the process of gift giving?

1- Don't associate receiving gifts with materialism: For the child who treasures gifts, it is so much more about the meaning of the object than the object itself. They treasure the object because it was given by someone special. So, don't worry about the object itself, relax and enjoy the experience!

 2 - Create gift-giving traditions: Plan for times celebrated with small thoughtful gifts like the first day of school, last day of school, holidays, small accomplishments like learning to bike or passing a swim test.

3 - Don't overspend: More is not always better. Think about the meaning, not the price. Small gifts can have as much impact when thoughtful.

4 - Keep a list of ideas: Throughout the year, write down ideas of things that your child may be interested: hobbies, favorite toys, or even foods. When you need a gift idea, it will be ready for you.

5 - Let your child gift you: Some kids enjoy giving a gift as much as receiving, so even if your Love Language is not gifting, make it a big deal that special moment by appreciating their gift, giving them a hug and letting them know how much you will treasure their gift.

6 - Give the gift of food: Preparing their favorite dish and displaying on a nice plate, or buying their favorite brand of snacks or drinks as a surprise are also everyday ways to show your love through gifts.

7 - Allow them to keep their gifts: Your child may come home with a bucket of Valentines from school, and while it may seem like a waste of space to save all the notes for the next 5 years, if they are important for your child, allow them to keep in a safe box with all their other special memories.

8 - Place special treats in their lunchbox: Sometimes, I place chocolate chips on my son's lunchbox as a surprise treat. He likes the surprise of seeing his favorite candy when he opens his lunchbox.

9 - Shop together for gifts: Is Grandma's birthday coming up? Teacher's appreciation day? If you child enjoys showing their love by giving gifts, let them be part of the shopping experience and help pick a thoughtful gift.

10 - Remind them of the ultimate gift: Children who appreciate gifts will understand God's love for them when we tell the story of God giving us an ultimate gift in the person of Jesus Christ, to bring salvation and be with us forever.

Interested in learning more about the Five Love Languages? Scroll down and check the other posts of the Mother's Day 5 Day Challenge on Showing Your Love to Your Child through Physical Touch, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service!

A group of parenting bloggers has joined together to bring you this Mother's Day 5 Day Challenge!

How to Join!

  1. Go to our Facebook page post and write--Count me in the #MothersDay5DayChallenge
  2. Go to your local library and get The 5 Love Languages of Children book or buy it HERE!
  3. Download the FREE Love Languages Assessment and go over it with your child together if they are young or have them do it on their own if they are old enough.
Then just follow along for the next 5 Days! Each day I will share a video on our Facebook page and discuss one love language. Also, for each day one of our bloggers will share some fabulous practical ideas so you can start using your child's primary love language. I will update this schedule each day as the posts go live.

What are some of your ideas for kids who feel loved when receiving gifts? Feel free to comment below!

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