Free or Under $5 Natural Skincare Samples

Monday, April 9, 2018

Lately, I have been trying to substitute regular skincare products with those made with natural ingredients. There is enough overload of chemicals in the environment for the body to process already, so it is nice to give the body a break when it comes to skincare products and let the skin enjoy stress-free ingredients.

That is how I learned about ways to try natural products for free without having to invest in something that you are not sure how will work with your skin.

The samples below are not just a one time use sachet. They should last you a few days to some weeks. If you get all of them you may just have enough skincare for a few months on the cheap!!

Here are Free or Under $5 Natural Skincare Samples for you to enjoy! Click on the name of the company to be directed to their website. (you may have to pay for shipping)

- Silk Therapeutics: They offer 3 mini containers per client and each one is no more than 5 dollars. With the EWG verified seal, you know that your skin will be absorbing safe ingredients. I want to try the C advance serum as my skin seems to be getting more mature! 

- Maias Minerals: Most of their samples cost around $2,50 and you can try just about anything, makeup, creams, hair products, nail care. They are also EWG verified and everything is non-synthetic, non-fragrant, non-toxic, chemical and artificial color free. 

- Real Purity: They usually offer one FREE SAMPLE per customer. Right now they have a promotion where you can get FOUR FREE SAMPLES. They offer high-quality ingredients and free-from parabens, sulfates and other toxic chemicals. I like that you can try their concealers in different colors to see what works better for your skin tone.

- Ceela Naturals: A skincare line for people with allergies or eczema. You can get 3 FREE SAMPLES to try out. It is a great way to try out for allergic reactions or sensitivity.

- Biossance: I have been using the free samples I got from this company. I love the Squalane oil and the Squalane oil with Vit C and Rose Oil. They are having an even bigger FREE SAMPLE offer with more products! This is a $32 deal for FREE! Click here to get yours!

Annamarie: This company has great reviews by health experts like Dr. Mark Hyman. I have found a link where you can get a sample of their natural sunscreen that is also antioxidant for only $5. This offer also comes with a $5 off coupon to use on a future order!

- True Botanicals: This is a smaller sample but still lasted me an entire week. There are samples for Aging, Acne, Shampoo and Basic Care. I loved their Pure Radiance Oil for acne prone skin, it cleared my skin while keeping it moisturized. I will try now the Aging sample they sent me to compare. 

sample size
Pure Radiance Oil regular size

- Sunflower Oil: This is the cheapest of all because you may already have some in your kitchen! Try using some every night and watch your skin transform on the cheap!! It has loads of Vit E and can help with acne, sun damage, aging, dryness, and many more skin issues. You can spread not just on your face but on your hands, feet, legs, arms, and all your body! Sometimes, the best things for your skin are the ones you already have on your kitchen counter!

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