How to Get Kids Excited About Drinking Smoothies

Monday, April 2, 2018

I still remember as a child playing kitchen with my cousins and preparing real foods like salads filled with chopped carrots, tomatoes, lettuce and homemade dressing. For some reason, nothing will ever beat the taste of those salads, because even though simple, they were our creation. They tasted like our delicious accomplishments.

My boys enjoy smoothies, depending on the ingredients contained inside, but when I got them this bullet blender as a gift, there was an extra excitement in the air, given that they could prepare their own smoothies and try out different ingredients.

The regular blender does a perfect job of blending ingredients for smoothies, but owning your "kid version" seems to make the entire experience more enjoyable. First, they wanted to look for different recipes online to find a favorite. They agreed to try this Pina Colada recipe.

Naturally, parental supervision is required, but I allowed them to take charge of their experience as they added all the ingredients and watched in excitement while everything got blended into their own drink.

Hopefully, they will remember these smoothies as childhood favorites, part of their delicious accomplishments towards independence.

What are your favorite smoothies? Do your kids enjoy drinking smoothies?

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