The Supplement That Changed My Life

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Eight years ago, I was strolling the streets of New York City, pushing a toddler and a baby, following a real state agent as he took me from one apt to the next hoping to find anything affordable closer to my husband's work.

Little did I know that I would not find an apartment that day, what I would really find out is that there was something wrong with my heart.

After a few hours, being done for the day, I started strolling the kids back to the location from where I would leave the city, just to be surprised by my heart jumping suddenly from a regular heartbeat to more than 200 beats per minute.

Picture From Eight Years Ago
 Right away, I found a Whole Foods Store across the street, went inside and told a trustworthy looking lady behind a table displaying some new products, that I was having a heart issue and I needed to sit down there to rest. I wanted at least someone to be aware of what was going on, in case I passed out and she had to watch the kids.

After calling my husband, who was working nearby, I was surprised to find out that even after having sat down for 5 minutes, my heart was still going as fast as before. My husband immediately left his work and started his way to the place where I was. 

I remember sitting there, like if I was inside a dream, my entire body being highjacked by this foreign force that had sped up my heart without any reason and left me gasping for air and strength. My kids next to me, I wondered what had gone wrong, and if I was about to have a heart attack.

Picture From Eight Years Ago
There had been some signs before, sporadic palpitations, but never this bad. So after my husband arrived and my heart finally went back to its normal rhythm, I decided to find out what had just happened. 

It turns out that after many similar events, doctors, tests, opinions and my own research, I learned that I have Mitral Valve Prolapse, which is quite common among a lot of people, but in my case, it was part of a much bigger problem.

My entire Autonomic System is out of sync. The problem is that the Autonomic System controls almost every part of our bodies, so while symptoms may feel disconnected from each other, it is all part of one problem.

That is when I found out the one supplement that was finally able to calm down my heart, stop the palpitations, and let me live life without dreading highjacking moments. Enter Magnesium!

Apparently, Magnesium is needed for everything from breathing to flexing our muscles and when deficient in the body, it turns all the body chemical reactions into a big mess. 

In my case, it is a supplement called Magnesium Taurate that helps me the most, because it targets especially the heart cells.

After learning so many great things about Magnesium, I also give Magnesium to my kids as it helps them relax, have better focus and it is good for bone development, as new research shows that Vit D can only be metabolized when there is enough Magnesium in the body.

The Magnesium Citrate I give to my kids may have a laxative effect if taken in higher doses, so it is good to start small and experiment with increasing doses.

Just a reminder that Magnesium supplements pills are not easily absorbed by the body, so some people benefit more from Magnesium Oil that is applied direct on the skin and easily makes its way to the entire body, besides helping local pains or issues like headaches. 

After my heart was back in control, I was also able to introduce aerobic exercise to my routine, as it helps to control the Autonomic System, besides a healthy diet, good sleep and some other lifestyle changes that affect the Autonomic System. 

Most days, I don't even notice that my body works a little different, but I am thankful that I found ways to prevent moments like the one in New York City from ever happening again.

I hope my story helps you, if you are experiencing something similar, I wish I knew this information many years ago.

Maybe you are not experiencing anything extreme but would like to have enough Magnesium available for your cells to work at their best. Either way, Magnesium may be a try worth taking.

For more information about Magnesium, you can find here.

For more information about Mitral Valve Prolapse, you can find here. 

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Picture From Eight Years Ago
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