A time to be born

Thursday, October 30, 2014

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For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven... So why the rush? I ask myself. Why to impatiently wait for hours not in existence, moments not yet threaded and events not yet unrolled?

Maybe my daily training in fast feedback is not benefiting my growth of patience. Fast food, fast Internet, fast lights on, fast hot shower, fast mail. Who has the time anymore to plant the seed, watch it grow, respect the seasons, harvest the fruits, prepare the bountifulness?

 Who has the time anymore to light the candle, hold a feather and dip it, flatten the paper dancing the ink into the space, fold it and seal it, walk the dust path to the mail building and drop the message meant to warm somebody's heart across an ocean, hoping there would still be a breath of life when the paper reaches the hands?

A time to be born, and a time to die,
A time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted.

And I read over and over again, as we move along lines during our family reading, "My hour has not yet come, my time has not yet come..." Nothing happens by accident. The time to be born, the time to die... Time is important, relevant. Time must be respected.

Time is not in my hands. The time maker holds time in His hands. I wish I could hold time back and stop the fast growing happening every second inside my kids. Too fast! Those first nine months felt like forever, but as soon as they proclaimed their first cry, the minutes have raced.

And yet where am I rushing for?

If today is the time to live today?

If today is the time to accept today?

If today is the time to be thankful for today?

"My times are in your hands" said David. There was a time to be a shepherd boy, there was a time to fight Goliah, there was a time to run away from enemies, there was a time to be king and there was a time to die.

The hands that hold time don't make mistakes. I make the mistake of rushing, being anxious about tomorrow, sometimes without any palpable reason, maybe only for the fear of losing today.

And that is why He offers the antidote for feeling trapped in time. Eternal life. Today is the day to receive it, He says. Because with eternal life, future extends beyond death. A future taken care of, meticulously prepared, arranged since eternity past.

The hands that make time, were pierced in the appointed time, to embrace me and my finite lifetime into Him and His eternal time. 

Today is a time to embrace,
A time to seek,
A time to keep.

And because He lives I can also face tomorrow.

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