When you Need an Identity that is Above Rainbows and Flags

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Identity. We are all after one. The one that makes us different or the same. The one that adds value, meaning and purpose to life. Special. We want to feel special amidst the other 7 billion. That we are not just an extra dot in the text; that we really matter. 

And we search hard and deep for it. We fight for it, we press for it and sometimes we hurt for it. Because deep inside we believe that happiness will follow. But what if we are after too little, too low and too plain?

What if we stopped settling for whatever happiness is defined these days, and looked up for sure, secure, real, eternal happiness? What if we raised our identity above the clouds, above the rainbows and flags, above the visible, and into the wonderful?

He loves you. He loves you. He loves you. God's way is perfect. He has the perfect identity in Himself for you. He wants to embrace you into His arms, His family, His identity, His love. To seat you above the clouds, above all flags, above the rainbows. Where the rain won't touch you, and the storms won't hurt you, where the sun will always shine bright and strong, because His light can't stop shinning. 

That is the identity I want my kids to be after. The one that does not stop at the clouds, the one made real by real love and real blood and real sacrifice. The identity in Christ that does not settle for smaller, lower and plainer lies. An identity that can't be moved, doubted, wondered or changed. Secure for years, and years, and years, and eternal years to come. 

That is the only identity I will settle for. Nothing less, nothing lower, nothing under the clouds. Because when you got the real deal, why do you need anything else? 

Don't settle for less. Don't believe the lie that the fruit will satisfy. It won't. It didn't before. Lift up your eyes, more, and some more. Can you hear Him calling you by name? Amidst the other 7 billion? Can you feel His hands reaching to lift you up higher? Higher than you could ever fly by yourself? Can you see that His hands are hurt, pierced and scarred for you? 

God's way is perfect. Don't settle for anything less than perfect. 

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