Billy Graham and the One Thousand Years Plan

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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Recently, I was adding up how many years are still left until my kids finish school and I was surprised to find out that in ten years they will both have finished high school. Maybe ten years is a lot of time for you and I used to think it was for me, but now, after having added a few decades to my lifetime, ten years has a very different meaning, way shorter than before.

Ten years are still ten years, the only thing that changed is my perspective. An hour waiting for a car maintenance procedure feels like forever, and yet a lunch break from work feels way too short. It all depends on how you feel about that moment in time.

They say every important decision must be considered against its impact for today, five years and ten years from now. Short, medium and long-term implications. Do you buy a new car with borrowed money or do you save money while using the old one? Do you make time for exercise today or do you deal with the consequences later? Do you take job offer A or B?

Some decisions make no difference to you in five or ten years, while others can completely change the course of your life. That is what turns decision making into a confusing and overwhelming task because nobody can clearly see what the next five or ten years will look like.

While considering pending decisions in my life that will have a long-term impact, it occurred to me that my perspective for decision making is all wrong. What really matters is the impact of my decisions in one thousand years from now. Talk about long term!

From a Christian perspective, I believe that the reality of one thousand years from now is not an abstract idea, it is a future that will come, a day as real as yesterday was. When you start using this mindset, you may actually realize that when your decisions are weighted against one thousand years they become easier to make, not more complicated. Especially, if you depend completely on the only book that can tell you what will happen in one thousand years.

One thousand years from now, when you look back on this day, this morning, this hour in your life, what will have really mattered? What is the best use of your time, resources, and energy?

There are only three things that last forever: people, God, and his word. Everything else you have purchased, stored or worked for, will probably be gone in one thousand years. The old car, the new car, the fit body, the old body, job A, job B, all gone. Doesn’t that make it easier to decide? Doesn’t it take the burden away to make the perfect decision for the next five or ten years? 

Billy Graham is remembered today for the one thousand years decisions he made, looking forward to the things that last forever.

He invested in people, God, and his word. What would have happened if he had not made one thousand years decisions? We are glad he did.

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My Ten Best Supplements to Keep the Flu Away

Monday, February 26, 2018

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The flu made its rounds around here and I failed keeping my kids from getting it. However, after tasting last year's flu strain on my body, I decided this time to swallow every single supplement in the market while I cared for my kids, and come out on the other side untouched, if possible.

Usually, if there is a virus roaming around here, I get it. Well, that is before I discovered the world of natural supplements, and developed a research lab inside my own body. However, my usual disease fighters would need some big help to fight this ugly super flu, so I upped my game, and won the battle, at least this time!

It could have been mere coincidence that I did not get sick, maybe it helped that I washed my hands as if my life depended on it, or popped a face mask anytime I had to get closer to coughs and sneezes, but whatever it was, I have learned new strategies when it comes to fight super bugs. And I would love to share with you.

Now, I don't give my kids all the things I take, as I am careful not to experiment anything new on their bodies. I also don't recommend you go ahead and gulp down pill after pill, without consulting with your health care professional and doing your own research, but if I can point you into a few directions, you will be healthier and happier without the flu.

1. Vitamin C and D: Despite knowing about them, you may not be getting enough of them. Did you know that you can take up to 2000 mg of Vitamin C a day? Whatever your body does not use, it will flush out. If you experience gastrointestinal weirdness, you may need to take less. The best dose for Vitamin D is 5000 IU a day, just make sure to take it in the morning not to disrupt your sleep. Bonus: healthier hair and skin.

2. Iron: If your blood iron levels are low, your immune system is not working to its greatness. I usually take an iron supplement a few times a week as my levels are on the low side. On the other days, I take a regular multivitamin. My favorite iron supplement is this one, gentle on your stomach and with added vitamins to increase absorption. Bonus: extra energy

3. Zinc and Copper: Just like iron, I regularly take zinc, with added copper to get a great night of sleep and keep my immune system up. I don't take it every night, but enough to keep my levels up. Bonus: copper may help decrease white hair

4. Magnesium: Another nigh time regular, I take magnesium before bed for heart health but it also helps with the immune system, besides a thousand other things including sweet dreams. Bonus: stronger bones

5. Olive Leaf: A super supplement, olive leaf extract loves destroying virus, bacteria, free radicals and anything else that is not your friend. Bonus: healthier blood sugar

6. Monolaurin: If you could fit inside a pill all the goodies for your immune system from a coconut, you get Monolaurin. The best immune system booster with no side effects. Bonus: fights fungus

7. Echinacea, Goldenseal Propolis Throat Spray: Sometimes you got to fight the bad guys right at the entrance. That is why I love this bitter tasting throat spray that feels like it is disinfecting all the insides of your throat. Lots of goodies inside. Bonus: cleaner breath

8. Curcumin: One of the reasons I don't like this flu season is because the virus roaming around has a way of triggering your immune system to a point where your body may harm itself. So once you have the flu, it is wise to decrease boosting your immune system and instead start increasing anti-inflammatory aids. Curcumin is the chemical inside turmeric, fights inflammation deep inside the molecule. Bonus: healthier brain

9. Proboost: When I think I have tried everything under the sun, a new promising supplement shows up and I just have to give it a try. Given that I had all the reasons to boost my immune system, I took Proboost for a few days. It basically provides what a small organ in your body called Thymus may be lacking as you get older, Thymic Protein A. Sprinkle this white powder under your tongue, wait 3 minutes and you got a immune system boost. Bonus: it may take care of other health issues lingering around

10. Flunada: Sometimes you know what is best for you but you just can't get your hands on it. I used Flunada in the past with great success but it has been out of stock like forever, and after squeezing the last drops from my container, I knew that I would have to fight this flu without it. Thankfully now is back in stock and I made sure to get my yearly supply before it disappears again! Spray on your throat and nose, see a few stars and respiratory track is enemy free. Bonus: clear airways

Don't forget to eat your best when your body is fighting an avalanche of attackers. I like to stay sugar, gluten and dairy free while on the watch, as these three increase inflammation in the body. Bone broths, chicken soup and lots of teas don't hurt either.

Bonus Tip: When taking care of two sick kids and trying to stay healthy you may need an extra help, and for that the superfood Maca may be just what you need. Maca helps with adrenal fatigue, hormones, energy levels, memory and mood. Who would not want that?

"The information on this website is for informational purposes only and not to be considered medical advice. This information is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any medical condition. Statements should not be taken as a substitute for medical advice from a licensed physician."
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