Wish list: Buckwheat pillow

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When the routine of wake up time, feeding time, playground time, lunch time, nap time (or mommy cleans up the house time that in truth just ends up being facebook time), bath time, night time and tired time hits you, there are a few outcomes.

First, just pretend that this is temporary, and soon (more like in a few 10 years) you will have your previous life back. Quick unplanned trips to the beach on Saturday mornings, lunch with friends, interrupted leisure afternoons reading books and romantic midweek dinners with your special one.

Or second, try to enjoy every single moment, like cheering when you have pushed the swing for the twelve thousandth time this week, or joyfully playing airplane with the spoon at dinner time as your face gets splashed with mashed potatoes.

Or third, just obsess your thoughts with peculiar things to pretend that there is just so much going on right now in your life that it would be silly to dream about future days. Like not stop thinking about a buckwheat pillow that you saw online the other day. (Imagine that, how cool to have a buckwheat pillow!) Or research about all the fall trends for boys clothing and then try to match the Target ones you bought for you kids in such a way that they will look just like the $250 outfits you saw Angelina Jolie boys wearing. Or even learn all you can about blenders, and where the best sales are, in case your blender ever breaks and you want to be ready to buy just the right one, for the best price. (it would make your days fly away even more if you went further and started researching from A - like air conditioners all the way down to Z - like zebra rugs)