Playground friendly fashion

Friday, September 23, 2011

I thought I could start adding some fashion finds that besides being playground friendly and comfortable, look really cute. The most common t-shirt, jeans and sneaker mom outfit has its benefits: very comfortable, easy to wash and resistant enough to food stains, and brainless (you don't even have to be awake to get dressed in the morning!).

But it lacks a lot in personality, cuteness and style. Like if you were wearing an uniform everyday. Besides, to play dress up used to be most moms' childhood delight, so why not to keep the fun going? I find that fashion should be about making art with colors, textures and cuts, boosting creativity and enjoying the process. So, forget everything that you have heard about how to get dressed and just look into your closet and mix and match the pieces as you wish. Play dress up again, and you will look forward getting dressed every morning.

The hardest part that I find about fitting fashion into motherhood, are the shoes. Of course any outfit looks good with some heels on. But when that option is off the table, and you know that style is a price too high to pay for your sore feet, what to wear?

So, I just got this cheap, super comfortable and cute pair of shoes from Soda Shoes. And they have proved to me that it was money well spent. Playground proof, stain proof and a lot brainless as they match with almost anything. The store where I got them from, did not have many options of colors, so I got a basic black. But I can see adding other colors and styles in the future.

Now if you want to splurge, you can get something like these cute loafers from J.Crew. Maybe someday when they run out of style I can get them on ebay for a steal...

Darby studded tweed loafers

Darby calf hair loafers