And then there is Photoshop Lightroom...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My dad came for a visit last week. He crossed the many miles that keep his heart apart from his two grandsons most of the year. As he is probably one of the few people that reads this blog, I better say wonderful things about him!

Like what a great father he is to me and my brothers and how much he cares about making sure that we are happy and don't need anything he could provide. Also like what a great professional speaker he is, with a big audience of followers eager for his wise words (just like my big audience here that follows my playground wise tips!).

My sons made sure to make his trip unforgettable, as he got his back out of place with so much pulling and pushing of his body members. All in all, every time another goodbye comes, there is sadness. The only thing that lasts more than a week are the memories, and the pictures. And why not to make those memories feel more dreamy with my free trial of Photoshop Lightroom, that I am sure was created specially for enhancing the memories of grandpas and grandsons.