One small step for man

Friday, October 21, 2011

Some things I just take for granted. Like walking. Many can't. Some won't, rather sit. My baby decided he wanted to join the walking crowd last week. Good for him. But then I realized that with walking came independence and the desire to do everything his way. Even if that means that he wants to eat butter. By itself. Just like he did today. Go figure...

One small step and next thing you know Mark is eating butter, refuses to sit in the high chair and decided that he does not like his pacifier anymore. At the same time this mother in the elevator is lamenting that her daughter is becoming a toddler, joining the terrible two's group. And it all began with one small step...

I, on the other hand, also started walking. I have to walk a total of 40 blocks everyday to bring Luke to school and back. That is like starting an exercise regimen, except there is no way out, no excuses. Or I take Luke to school or I will have two boys fighting with each other for a full day! Rather walk.

And on Tuesday, as the rain washed my face on the way to school, I realized that this urban living makes me feel alive, for good or for bad. I walked by other soaked people running or walking to work and I felt that I was part of a community. Hard to find that these days. Maybe in January when the snow is soaking and freezing my toes I will have less flattering thoughts around my head, but for now I happily accept that even though urban living is harsh, my body was built for harsh. Not for a soft couch, TV and donuts.

If only to keep me going, I was happy to see this 100 years old man completing a marathon in Canada. Maybe he started 70 years ago just walking his son to school, one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!

Fauja Singh crosses the finishing line in Toronto
Picture via BBC news