10 Sips for the Weekend: Shopping for Boys

Friday, November 4, 2011

Picture via this shop
I can almost hear the bells ringing and that reminds me of one thing: the crazy holiday season is approaching and it is time to tight the belts and dive in before it is too late!  So lets start with boys' gifts (as they are usually harder to find). Here are 10 great boys' treasures made with love and no plastic! Enjoy!
  1. A is for art
  2. London in a bag?
  3. a soccer ball that won't crack your TV
  4. wish your child knew how to open tie a Windsor knot, open and close buttons, faster a D-ring belt, negotiate a clip and rip open a velcro? Wish no more.
  5. Bowling anyone?
  6. Fishing?
  7. Got a crafty one
  8. More of a farm boy?
  9. What about pirates?
  10. Or maybe just a cup of hot chocolate for bed time?