10 Sips for the Weekend: Shopping for Health

Friday, November 11, 2011

locally gathered goldenrod flowers infused in local MA honey
I have heard this past week, popping everywhere around me, enough sneezes and coughs to make me run to my health cabinet in search for anything health boosting. I guess sneezing season has started and as my kids got a mild cold this week, I was sent back to my primary career in life (before I had a real job like blogging...): registered nurse. That is what my diploma says, so I guess I better put all those years of study to work.

Two mornings this week I felt as I was the next one on the "cold's" black list and then after taking all sorts of bad tasting potions, I was back to health. I don't know for how long I will be able to trick this one into staying outside of my body, but I decided not to give up on this battle anytime soon.

So here are the 10 health sips that I am taking (not all yummy sips) to boost my health this sneezing season (I won't go into scientific reasons just because this blog is not a medical guide, and if you do follow any of these tips, be advised that you do on your own risk: I am writing as a blogger and not as your health professional. These tips are mainly for adults; for kids, safety and dosages change).

  1. Green tea: Two cups a day will keep the doctor away. If possible, choose the organic kind. 
  2. Probiotics: Put the little guys to work for you. Try to find ones that are of a good blend and with at least 5 billion CFU. I take first thing in the morning and wait about 20 minutes before eating (just enough time to get showered and dressed). Remember to keep the bottle refrigerated (if the instructions say so). My favorite probiotic
  3. Olive leaf extract: Found out about these magic drops this year and they seem to give the ultimate kick to keep the cold away. I use this one.
  4. Raw honey: If honey is good, raw honey is even better as it is unprocessed. If you can find a local one, even better, it may protect you also against allergies. Right now I am using one from this apiary.
  5. Propolis: A very sticky solution that you can drop on top of the honey in a spoon and swallow everything at once. I use a 70% solution.
  6. Multivitamins: I like to take one that resembles the way vitamins and minerals are found in foods: as synergistic compounds. Mine is pink, for girls only. 
  7. Vitamin D: After having my blood checked and finding out that my vitamin D levels were low, I started to take this supplement in the winter. I guess my tropical born body is still getting adjusted to the lack of sun (maybe I should ask the doctor to prescribe more vacations at tropical places instead; more fun than taking pills). I am getting a total of 3000 units, much more than the FDA  recommends, so discuss with your doctor the amount that would work for you.
  8. Iron: Ladies that are monthly reminded that they are ladies may have a problem with iron levels. My levels are just on the border so once in a while I take this easily absorbed supplement. Be aware that iron can be fatal if overdosed, specially for kids, so follow dosage and keep it away from the little one's reach. (and check with your healthcare professional to know about your iron levels).
  9. Sleep: No, this one they don't sell online, or send to you with free shipping. I think that this is the hardest of all to follow, specially if you have small kids that like to play the alarm clock joke every night.
  10. Blog: Did you know that journaling boosts your immune system (also called poetry therapy)? So go ahead, start a blog and share your words for good health.
Have a healthy and good weekend!