Made with love or ordered with love?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The scene unfolds like this: Already stressed out mom, cranky kids, the clock that was stuck in time during playground time starts to speed up like crazy and there is no dinner in view. Mom runs the options through her head: pasta (already made yesterday), omelet (out of eggs), pizza (already ordered twice past weekend), chicken nuggets (husband will not be happy with the Mickey Mouse shape), what to do? What to do?

As she stuffs cheerios in the baby's mouth to keep some silence in the house and plugs the older kid on a video, she starts the race against time to transform the old ugly veggies or the ugly frozen ones, the canned something and the bottled something else into a mix that resembles dinner. As long as it is made with love, right? But do stressed out moms making dinner have time to love? Isn't it easier to order with love?

Of course the above scenario is completely fictional and all of us organized moms already know on November 1st what we will have for dinner on November 16th. And not only the main course, but the side dishes and the desert. And our kids don't even know what the word "take out" means!

So here is the end of the story above. Mom decides to organize her life (the other option would be to check in the psychiatric unit), plan meals before the week starts and shop for ingredients only once, cook lunch instead of dinner (while older kid is in school and baby is napping) so it CAN be made with LOVE and also PEACE! And husband doesn't mind reheated lunch for dinner, as it tastes better than last minute meals out of old canned ingredients!

And they lived happily ever after!