The sugar that sticks you in!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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Gingerbread house. Sweet view. Sticky fingers. Rainbow of colors. A popular winter tradition that I wanted to share with the boys this year.

First step was to pretend I was going to make one from scratch. After reading many Martha Stuart tutorials, I gave up. It sounded like lots of work. So I went the easy way, I decided to buy a kit. I did not want to spend too much money and preferred something that was also healthy. At the end, I ended up giving up the healthy requirement in favor of a cheap one. I decided we were going to use it only as a craft, like play dough. No eating allowed. I was not in favor of my kids ingesting an entire selection of artificial colors that could mix up inside them producing some hipper active hue!

Next step was to transform the broken gingerbread tablets (duo to Luke constantly dropping the box in the store as he wanted to carry it) into a house. A little difficult, but doable. The hard part was to do that and answer two questions a minute. After some struggling, we got that part done and went to sleep.

Today it was the final and glorious day of decorating the house. That meant keeping the kids from eating all the candy before they landed in the house. I can see why Hansel and Gretel could not resist the candy house temptation. I just don't understand why the witch did not care for her own sugar treats, and wanted fat baked boys instead (what a terrible fairly tale! no publisher today would accept such an idea!)

Anyway, we all survived the gingerbread house tale and did not get lost in the forest. Maybe lost in dreams, as my two little boys now dip their heads in soft pillows and fairy tales.

"This finger is not chubby enough!"