First of Firsts

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy first Monday of the year! Last week I felt as I lived 30 days in 7. Maybe it was because I did not have to follow the clock and just relaxed, or maybe it was because my boys started a fight every five minutes. Something like birthing contractions, tightening every few minutes, which makes one hour feels like three. One way or another, I am thankful for all the family time we had.

Besides relaxing, we added some fun day trips to our days off. One of them was to go to NYC to the Big Apple Circus. Clowns, magicians, acrobats and trained animals surrounded us for more than 2 hours. I could not hide my excitement, happy to giggle as a child. Something about the Circus, that awakes the child inside. Luke could not understand how the magician made the woman disappear inside the box. He was relieved to see her again later.

NYC was so packed with people that we could hardly walk. An article I read stated that Brazilians are topping the tourist influx to NYC and leave behind big piles of money. I heard Portuguese in almost every block I walked through NYC and almost felt at home. Except my toes were freezing, and that does not happen in Brazil!