In the land of little boys

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

There is an entire separate world where little boys live. It is a world where there are monsters, super heroes, gross things, pirates, legos, fighting, cars, rolling on the floor, playing with dirt, castles, trucks and sometimes mommy to protect them from it all. In this world, part real, part fantasy, little boys live. And if you want to understand little boys, you have to dip you feet inside the mud, roll in the grass, push trucks and put tiny lego pieces together.

It is tempting to dream of doll houses, barbies, cute little bags and hair accessories. But if you want to understand little boys, you have to push the pink dreams aside. You have to let it go the dirt sometimes, let it go the over protection, the tidiness.

As I watch my boys growing and becoming little boys, I also watch our home looking more and more like a boys scout clubhouse. In every room, in every pocket, signs that boys live here and are transforming the neutral decoration into a boys themed one. Little boys treasures that don't mean anything to me, but that are part of the magical world being protected by two little soldiers.

If I want to throw away the huge cardboard box that has landed in the middle of the living room, I have to use caution, as it is in fact a castle being protected by courageous knights. And I may be seen as the dragon trying to destroy the fortress.

Thankfully I have my husband that can still remember his little boys days and pull out tricks and skills that make him popular in this magical world our house has become. But once in a while, I try to join in the fun and pretend we are all little boys playing with trains and dreaming of flying to the moon.