10 sips for the weekend: 10 ways to organize legos

Friday, March 2, 2012

  Legooos! I will say it again, Legoosss! Which emotions rise up to the sound of the word Legos? Love? Childhood memories. Anxiety? Flashes of rooms covered with Legos. Horror? Flashes of stepping barefoot on sharp little pieces.

If you have boys and if they love Legos, you will probably have mixed feelings towards them. Joy for the amount of peace and quietness that they bring to your life. And anger; as they take over every single corner of your existence!

Deep inside I have this secret little dream, of a Lego-free house, like the ones I see in the home design magazines. But I am afraid that it is too late for that, as once one box of Legos enters a house, only a Lego exterminator (like the ones that deal with bed bugs) could be able of extracting all the pieces that have spread across the furniture!

But maybe there is a way to contain them, decrease their wild spread, so that they still bring the peace and joy so much needed and yet not attempt to run wild and end up inside dark places like the washing machine! Have you ever found a few in there? Me too!

In my search for a solution, I found 10 ways to organize Legos for the well being of all family members!

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