The fashion of being poor

Monday, October 3, 2011

This morning, as I left the front door, I was surprised to feel this Winter breeze sneak inside my clothes letting me know that Summer is way over and the warm days we had last week were just the last breaths of a dying Season. As much as I love Summer and hate Winter, I think that I am ready for a little change.

In this process, of trying to enjoy the cold, I have been learning how to have fun layering clothes. A great skill for tough economic times, as instead of buying an expensive and warm jacket, you wear half of your closet everyday just to keep your organs from freezing. Thankfully, such style is now considered the ultimate in fashion, so to dress a la Tom Sawyer is the goal.

Basically, to layer is to wear 4 seasons in one. So before you start to pack away your Summer clothes, give a careful look at each one of them searching for layering potential. A no sleeve shirt can become a vest, a short sleeve can be layered on top of a long sleeve and even shorts can be worn on top of leggings.

Make the dull pop up with scarfes, belts, odd colors shoes and jewelry. There you go. You are ready to be spoted by one of the top fashion blogs, the Sartorialist.