Bowling Party

Thursday, November 17, 2011

When I was a child my mom would make a cute and simple cake and some sweets. My friends would bring gifts wrapped in thin wrapping paper, and we would run around playing hide and seek until it was time to blow the candles and eat the cake. That was it, simple and fun. 

Last month, as I started searching online for bowling party theme ideas for Luke, I became aware of a complete line of knowledge that transforms a few years of life celebration into a wedding style party! I was overwhelmed by so many tutorials, crafts, decorations, printables and themes. They all looked gorgeous, but I felt as if I had missed the party planning class in school; a very essential life skill. So I decided to change that. Not going crazy, I started to dip my feet into this new line of knowledge for the fun of it.

I did not want to pursue the perfect party, however I was intrigued by the challenge of creating something new, like in art class. Could I, an illiterate in party planning, squeeze out of my brain a few ideas? I have to say I copied a lot of things, but somewhere along the way I felt good about creating something out of nothing. And if that counts, then I would say it was a successful start.

For the party favors I got this vintage camera printable on Etsy and after printing, glued to a card stock paper. Next, I rolled it and tied with a red ribbon. Then I printed a picture of the vintage camera and stapled it with an instructions note (something like this: go to Spotify.com and select a song, make a cup of hot chocolate - I placed a hot chocolate mix package inside each roll -, and assemble the camera). The thank you note card flags are made by cutting the rubber of the back of a pencil into a triangle shape and using it as a stamp (another idea I saw in another blog, wish I had taken notes where it was)

I also carved a pumpkin and 3 holes and painted it black to look like a bowling ball. Inside I placed the cake pops that I made out of a yellow cake mix with fresh cranberries. You can find cake pops recipes all over the Internet.

The T-shirt I painted first using the freezer paper technique, but because it bled a lot I had to fix it by hand after. So here it is, a few ideas to share.