Creating winter memories

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My childhood was packed with summer memories. My grandmother's backyard was the stage: swimming, climbing trees, mud playing, eating mangoes, riding bikes, hiding and seeking behind bushes, sun bathing, playing house, eating grandma's treats, and the list goes on and on. As for winter memories, well living in a tropical country, my winters did not last that long and it wasn't cold enough to have snow or ice. So when it comes to creating winter memories for my kids, I will have to google for ideas!

It is raining and cold outside, as it has been all day, and here I am sipping a spicy hot chocolate (quite delicious), should this be a new winter tradition? For the past 7 years I have been wishing for summer all winter and dreading winter all summer! But this year I feel that it is time to embrace winter with its good and bad, therefore, welcome winter traditions!

Do you have any winter traditions or memories? What about a tacky sweater party? Camping night in the living room? Winter cabin weekend? Bake and decorate cookies? Skiing weekend? Finding the perfect sledding spot? Candles only night with hot chocolate and marshmallows? Lantern and popcorn Christmas movie night? Wrap a gift for the teachers? Make a snow man together with all the right accessories? Create a pine craft? By Spring I will let you know how many of my winter dreams became memories...


  1. I remember a winter when I was a boy scout and our group had to sleep on the top of Morro Azul, with no tent and a windy night... well, you know the story. - VovĂ´ writing from Santos Dumont airport, in Rio. :)

  2. "dreaming of summer all winter and dreading winter all summer" that just sums it all. I guess I need to come to the same realization. After all it has been 20 years for me. Hahahahaha


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