Survival of the candiest

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last week when we went to NYC, Luke spotted this amazing candy store and started the "asking marathon" to try to get his wish. We were on our day off, so why not? However, harder than to keep them from entering the store was keeping their hands from grabbing all the colorful candy strategically placed within their reach, once inside the store.

An article I read yesterday said that kids are one of the most selfish people you will meet. They take whatever you give and always ask for more (sometimes without even saying thank you!). I believe that happens because before they learn any social skills, they are running on survival mode. Like lions on a jungle. They will cry for food, for shelter, for protection, for pleasure as loud as they can, because their sole goal is survival.

A candy store is a huge survival provider. All that glucose to run little brains... Who could contest that?

Lollipops in hand we left the store happy to have enough sugar running in our blood to survive the next hours in the New York City Jungle!