Tutorial: toilet paper pincushion

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I love handmaid treasures. Someone's love, thought and hard work transformed into a finished keeper. The unique things that you won't find in the store bin, multiplied by one thousand. The imperfect item, not made by a machine but diligent hands. Progress and modernization have their place, but the uniqueness of the handmade still holds its value.

However, when it comes to my handmade products, I get lazy. I think love and thought is good, but hard work? Who wants more handmade hard work when you are already hand cooking, hand cleaning, hand picking toys, hand folding clothes...?

So here is a craft, as easy as it gets to transform an ugly toilet paper roll into a pincushion. It will take 5 minutes and you will have a handmade treasure! Enjoy!

You will need a roll, a twine and a piece of fabric big enough to be folded inside the roll
Place the roll on top of the wrong side of the fabric
Tuck as deep as you can inside the toilet roll the corners of the fabric moving clockwise
Use the twine to keep everything in place. Place your scissor inside the central hole and your pins inside the toilet paper.

Disclaimer: in no circumstance try to use this roll in the bathroom before removing the pins!