How to make a billionaire computer programmer

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Isn't this story familiar? Kid had hard working parents, kid was intelligent, kid got into a good university, parents had so many expectations but suddenly the dream starts to crumble. Kid drops out of school to follow some crazy idea of his. So sad.

Parents look back into their lives and wonder; What did they do wrong? How was it possible that after so much good parenting their child left education behind to follow an uncertain career?

Kid ends up building a company that could value up to no more than 100 billion dollars! What??? 100 billion dollars??? How is that possible? (Maybe because everybody I know now carries an addiction called facebooking!?)

facebook, ipo, mark zuckerburg, billionaire computer programmer
Do you think that he has potential?!
So here are 10 tips on how to make a billionaire computer programmer:
  1. Name him Mark: at least I got that one right!
  2. Name his middle name Elliot: Ops! I got that one wrong!
  3. When your child is 6 years old start teaching him or her Atari BASIC Programming (even if you have to hire a tutor with historic skills for that!)
  4. If you did not hire a tutor yet, hire a software developer to tutor your 10 year old.
  5. While your teenager is still in high school, let him or her take a few computer programming credits at a nearby college.
  6. It would not hurt to let your child learn some Latin and fencing, just in case.
  7. Read every book you can on how to get your child into Harvard.
  8. After your child is hopefully a Harvard candidate, persuade your young adult to take Psychology classes along Computer Science.
  9. Now sit back and watch the natural course of things. And don't look too surprised when your child decides to drop out of Harvard to follow a big idea!
  10. Relax and enjoy your comfortable retirement as the parent of a billionaire!
Who knew that it could be this easy?? Ha!

Do you also have a detailed plan like mine on how to make your child the next computer programmer billionaire?? It is ok, you can share, I won't be spreading out the details!!

Have a great weekend, everybody!!

Disclaimer: All the information above was taken from Wikipedia. I was not compensated by Facebook to write this post, nor has Mark Zucherberg given me any personal tips on how to raise a billionaire computer programmer. IPO will value Facebook between $75 to $100 billion. Not that I will get any of that money, for that matter!