Groundhog day on scooters

Thursday, February 2, 2012

groundhog, 2012, groundhog day, scooter

Today is Groundhog day. No, not hot dog day. That would surely make for an easier dinner for me! Today is the day when this famous groundhog in Pennsylvania predicts if we are having 6 more weeks of winter or not (there are a few other groundhogs trying to compete for first place in the list of famous groundhogs, mind you). If we do, those would probably be the only 6 weeks of winter we have so far, as it has been a very mild winter (64 degrees at the JFK yesterday, anyone?)!

Regardless if you believe that the groundhog is doing a better job than the satellites around the Earth, it is encouraging to think that we have made it through another winter and we are headed to beautiful Spring (if you don't mind some sneezing!)

Yesterday, taking advantage of the beautiful weather, we went outside. Mark is starting to show some love for Luke's scooter, pushing it around the house. I find it surprising because didn't he just learned how to walk like 3 months ago? What is next? Asking for a motorcycle?

I could not help but take a few more pictures to our endless collection of pictures under the theme: Boys playing outside. I am sure you are not tired of seeing them, right? There is always the swing one, the slider one, the running around one. Well, this time I tried to diversify, for your sake. Pretend to enjoy!

groundhog, 2012, groundhog day, scooter

groundhog, 2012, groundhog day, scooter