Are you a lefty or righty???

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Loved the picture above, it started me thinking... Doesn't it seems that the World is unjust for lefties? People that use their left hands to write, to play sports, to play an instrument. They have to adapt in so many ways! Apparently the rules were made by the right handed folks and everybody else has to abide by them.

But when it comes to the brain, the lefties make the rules! Probably because the righties don't like to deal with rules to start with! The lefties organize, analyze and control. And if you look back in history, it is usually more profitable to be a leftie. Maybe the righties dream too much, love too much, feel too much!

Of course, we all have both sides of the brain inside our heads, otherwise there would be no balance. But there is always that one side, that always pops first, pulls stronger and sings louder. Have you noticed?

Not easy to do self analyse, but I think that I might be a righty by nature. Or am I a lefty? Did school teach me so much how to use my left side of the brain that now I am a lefty?  

What about you? Can you identify a stronger brain side? Left or right??

Picture via here