Friday, February 17, 2012

10 Sips for the Weekend: 10 free online magazines to e-flip

When 10 cents would buy you a magazine! Picture via here.
There is nothing like e-flipping magazines! If you have an i-phone or an i-pad, then the e-flipping is even more magic! Forget about having to lick your fingers to be able to turn the pages of the old style paper magazines! How gross!! In the e-flipping mode you smoothly slide your fingers in the screen forwards or backwards, with the gentleness of a princess pea.

So, here are 10 of my favorite free online magazines to e-flip.

For the mom

Adore: get ready, an Australian lifestyle and home magazine. With colors, pillows, pastels, stripes, chevrons, cupcakes, cookies, pinks, more pinks. If Magazines were eatable I would choose to eat this one, it would probably taste like sugar coated rainbow rays!!

Matchbook: If you did not get enough pink from Adore, then you can get some more from Matchbook, founded by Katie and Jane (the perfect founders names for a girl's magazine!) . If you like Jane Austen, little black dresses, packing for trips, or just read some interesting articles, then e-flip this one!

Est Magazine: More Australian beautiful home design ideas to inspire! I find that they have a more natural and simple approach to home designs, very peaceful.

Rue Magazine: Still not tired of home design? One more.

Living Abroad Caribbean: Dreaming of sand and sunshine? This will sure warm your winter!

Gatherings Magazine: Their latest issue is all things white. Table setting, decoration, home design, food. Nothing like a fresh of white air to relax the eyes!

For the child

Sweet Paul: Now if my kids could choose to eat a magazine, it would probably be the Sweet Paul Magazine special kids issue. Even the baby foods ideas look yummy to me! And tons of decoration, crafts and party ideas!

Babiekins: If you want to see the world through the eyes of a child, then the amazing pictures in this magazine will do that and much more. I wrote an article a while ago that included this magazine.

Action Pack: This magazine is not free but they have some free pages of their magazine available here. Great to find ideas for fun activities to do with kids.

LMNOP (Laugh, Make, Nurture, Organize, Play): Another Australian magazine, not free, but inside their website you can find many of the activities featured in the magazine. Fun, fun and more fun for kids!!

What about you? Do you have any favorite online magazines that you love to e-flip?

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