Monday, February 20, 2012

I am always thankful for my vision. I can't imagine experiencing the world without its colors and beautiful sunsets and missing the one thousand daily facial expressions that my boys display. I am also thankful for my hearing, for the ability to experience music, to capture the sounds of waves crashing against the shore, kids laughing as they play. However, I never remember to be thankful for my voice until I lose it, as it happened today!

There is so much to be said every day. So much to share, so many requests to make, so many words to pronounce. So when the voice is gone, or when all I got left is a quite whisper, I am thankful for all the other days when my voice is there, strong for me, waiting for my request.

My sons will probably treasure my speechless day, as the day mommy did not yell, not even once! One of the perks of becoming a mom. You acquire this extraordinary ability to yell. A natural defence against kids running across the street, trying to jump inside a pool, or just plain hitting the sibbling with a toy. Amazing how motherhood can even improve your vocal cords!!