The wheels on the train go round and round...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Luke never cared for cars, trucks or trains. He was in love from day one with letters. Inside books, as puzzles, lined up on the floor, as the ABC's song. The alphabet soup was always a success at the table! So I started to get used with the idea that maybe I had something to do with it. That I had been successful in instilling, early in his life, the love for the written word. What a wonderful parenting skill I must have!! Then along came Mark...

Mark couldn't care less for letters, he hates to sit down to listen to stories, and sees books as page turner machines. Letters are just meant to be used as objects to load trucks and trains, and why to say any words when you can gesture all your needs? I guess my parenting skills did not have anything to do with Luke's love for letters, after all!

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